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LGD-3033 (DRY LGD) - SuperCharger Singles

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Product Description


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LGD 3033(Ligandrol (Dry version))

Lean Muscle - Bodyfat Loss


Less prostate effect. Less water retention. Better overall effects on the body. You want to administer it 2-3x per day. 10-20mgs is common. 30mgs is higher end. Treats muscle wasting and osteoporosis aka this strengthens bones. Great if you lift heavy or are injured.


Everything You Need To Know About LGD 3033

LGD-3303 is one of the newer SARMs or selective androgen receptor modulators. The investigational drug, also used as a supplement, is developed primarily for mass gain or bulking and cutting. While most other SARMs have more than one utility, the LGD 3033 seems to be solely meant for bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts. You may not have heard much about this drug and you are unlikely to hear much since it is one of the newer SARMs. The gamut of information available is definitely scarce compared to the likes of ostarine, andarine, cardarine, testolone and stenabolic. You may find much more information about LGD 4033 or ligandrol which is not the same as LGD 3303. Despite being a new investigational drug, LGD 3303 has been tested by third parties. You should look for such third party tests and subsequent certifications before you buy this SARM. Do not buy LGD 3303 that has not been tested by any third party or labs other than the developer.

Short summary on LGD 3033

LGD 3033 is still a rather new SARMS and that’s why it’s difficult to find a reliable sarms vendor who sells it. We found some European companies selling LGD 3033 but we don’t really trust their quality so, for now, we recommend to stick with LGD 4033 until LGD 3033 because available to buy online in the USA.

What is LGD 3303?

Like other SARMs, LGD-3303 is designed and developed to avert or prevent and cure muscle wasting.

The medical term for muscle wasting is muscle atrophy. Also, the drug can help regulate symptoms of osteoporosis and even assist in continuing treatment for the chronic condition. This too is similar to the effects of other common and popular SARMs. LGD 3303 can help people to gain healthy mass. It can also strengthen bones. The impact on the size of the muscle and subsequently its strength is the primary reason why LGD 3303 is getting noticed and many pharmaceutical companies are conducting tests to explore its various benefits.

LGD 3303 is chemically similar to LGD 4033. The difference lies in how the two affect prostate weight and muscle gain. The androgenic impact on the body is minimal with LGD 3303. This means that the drug is safe and it has fewer or no side effects even at high dosage. It is yet to be ascertained if LGD 3303 is as effective as LGD 4033 in their sheer impacts on mass gain. Initial research and inferences indicate that LGD 3303 would be as effective as LGD 4033, if not more.

Getting Started with LGD-3303

LGD 3303 is dry. It is taken orally. It can cause a noticeable change in the size and shape of your muscles through the duration of a course and thereafter. The effect on size and strength is expectedly greater than that of the other popular SARMs for bulking. The effect of LGD 3303 on cutting the larger and stronger muscles is yet to be fully explored. Most other SARMs have an impact on the fat as well. They cause fat loss while contributing to mass gain in the muscles. Whether or not LGD 3303 would be effective in such a comprehensive manner is for time to tell. The effect on mass gain is substantial and more impressive than other SARMs.

LGD 3303 contributes to recognizable muscular fullness because of its impact on nitrogen retention. The drug can partition nutrients and increase retention of nitrogen while also facilitating water retention, all of which tend to make muscles fuller and better formed. The impact on the size of muscles is visible in just a few days. Most SARMs take six to eight weeks for noticeable changes. In short, this SARM will help your muscles to be more pronounced or well defined. The definition of your muscles would not get blurred soon after you complete the course. This is also a concern with many other common and popular SARMs.


LGD 3303 has a half-life of six hours. Hence, you cannot take it only once a day. You have to break down the daily dosage to two or three times. Only such an approach would have a sustainable impact on endurance and strength of your muscles. Other SARMs with such a short half-life must also be taken twice or thrice. You should aim for LGD 3303 thrice a day. This will ensure there is sufficient LGD 3303 in your system when you work out. The recommended dosage is around eleven milligrams a day. You can break this down to twice or thrice. If you are going for three times a day then split them in the morning, noon or midday and evening or night. Keep the interval uniform. Eleven grams per day may not produce the best results. Many people have already reported that a higher dosage of up to twenty milligrams per day has a much better impact. You can try around twenty milligrams per day but be consciously observant so you can identify any unpleasant changes in your body. There is no major side effect but some people may respond differently, especially when the dose is increased.

LGD 3033 and Post Cycle Therapy

LGD 3033 is more effective than some of the other SARMs, including LGD 4033. Hence, it is obvious that the SARM would be a little more suppressive than other SARMs. While most SARMs do have a suppressive tendency, LGD 3033 would cause a substantial change in how much testosterone is secreted every day. It is possible there will be a substantial effect on testosterone production. Therefore, you will need a post cycle therapy. Complete the course of LGD 3033 and begin a post cycle therapy to restore the optimum levels of testosterone production. Some people may not choose a post cycle therapy. This is acceptable since the suppression of the sex hormone is only temporary. SARMs like LGD 3033 do not have any medium-term or long-term side effects. The testosterone secretion can be restored naturally but it may take longer so a post cycle therapy is often recommended.

If you observe or feel some changes to your libido or sex drive during the course or after, do not worry about it since it is only normal. There have been cases wherein LGD 3033 has increased libido and people have actually enjoyed the enhanced sex drive. There are people who have experienced a decline in libido. This effect or its nature is not universal. The effect may be completely undone after the course or it may take a while. This is why a post cycle therapy is necessary and must be chosen on the basis of the personal experiences rather than what others are doing. SARMs do work in a predictable manner but people will not respond in the same way.

LGD 3303 vs. LGD 4033

One needs more case studies to make an informed assessment of whether LGD 3303 is more potent and effective than LGD 4033. There is one difference that you may rely on for certain. LGD 3303 is a dry compound compared to LGD 4033. The changes in your muscle, the definition and volume, the overall shape and the strength would be much more sustainable when you are done with the course and you get to a phase of cutting. Every phase of bulking has to be followed up with cutting. Even if someone does not have such a planned transition, a bulked up muscle will lose some mass and there will be some natural cutting. This is the phase when muscles tend to lose their definition. The blurring is primarily facilitated by water retention. LGD 3303 does not contribute to this problem. Hence, your muscles will look well defined and the bulk would still be retainable even when you are in the cutting phase. LGD 3303 would also help in the cutting of your bulked up muscles.

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