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MA PUMP by MA Labs (Super Potent PUMP product No2)

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Product Description

MA Labs



Extreme Vasodilatory and Muscle Volumizing Matrix

  • • The Most Effective Product in its Class
  • • Provides Incredible Muscle Pumps, Dramatic Increases in Muscle Fullness, and Road-Map Vascularity that Lasts for Hours After Leaving the Gym
  • • Works through Multiple Pathways (e.g. nitric oxide elevation, plasma expansion, and intracellular volumization)to Produce the Best Results Possible
  • • Contains Over 25 Grams of Active Ingredients per Serving—The Most of any Pump Product on the Market
  • • Contains 5Grams of HydroMax per Serving—2-3X the Industry Average
  • • Boosts Muscle Strength, Power Output, and Muscular Endurance
  • • Increases Amino Acid Uptake and Overall Nutrient Delivery to Working Muscles
  • • Inhibits Protein Breakdown and Increases Protein Synthesis via Cell Swelling
  • • Reduces Myostatin Levels
  • • Stimulant-Free




Extreme Vasodilatory and Muscle Volumizing Matrix

MA-PUMP at a Glance….

  • • The Most Effective Product in its Class
  • • Provides Incredible Muscle Pumps, Dramatic Increases in Muscle Fullness, and Road-Map Vascularity that Lasts for Hours After Leaving the Gym
  • • Works through Multiple Pathways (e.g. nitric oxide elevation, plasma expansion, and intracellular volumization)to Produce the Best Results Possible
  • • Contains Over 25 Grams of Active Ingredients per Serving—The Most of any Pump Product on the Market
  • • Contains 5Grams of HydroMax per Serving—2-3X the Industry Average
  • • Boosts Muscle Strength, Power Output, and Muscular Endurance
  • • Increases Amino Acid Uptake and Overall Nutrient Delivery to Working Muscles
  • • Inhibits Protein Breakdown and Increases Protein Synthesis via Cell Swelling
  • • Reduces Myostatin Levels
  • • Stimulant-Free


Why MA PUMP is the Most Effective Product in its Class

As usual, MA Labs is anything but modest when it comes to self-appraisal; not because we lack humility, but because our claims are born out of the certain knowledgethat we have done everything in our power to create products of unsurpassed effectiveness. When we say that a product is “thebest in its class”, we not only believe that wholeheartedly, but are fully prepared to offer convincing evidence in support of that claim.While this aspect of consumer educationis important to us, we are also aware that not everyone wants to spend 10 minutes reading a multi-page product description. For thisreasonwe’vedecided to kick things off with a more streamlined version, summing up the main reasons for MA-PUMP’s superiority in justtwo sentences:


  • One, it contains the most effective ingredientson the market, and more of them, than any other product in its class.
  • Two, the combined dosage of its ingredient profile exceeds that of all other products in its class.


While some may view this as an oversimplification,it is accurate none the less. It also reveals a central, underlying theme of product development here at MA Labs, as these two factors are often the important determinants of product effectiveness, frequently relegating all other aspects of development to secondarystatus. But before delivering a more detailed explanation, it is important that you understand exactly what MA-PUMP is and what it isn’t.

First and foremost, MA-PUMPis not your typical stimulant-based pre-workout product. It does not contain caffeine, DMAA, or any other central nervous system stimulants. Neither does it utilize the “kitchen sink” approach (i.e. a random smattering of ingredients, often as part of a low-dosed proprietary blend, intended to make a product look better than it actually is). Instead, MA-PUMP is a precise blend of optimally dosed, fully disclosed ingredients commingled for a single purpose—to provide a level of muscle pumps and fullness previously unobtainable with conventional supplementation.In short, MA-PUMP is all about making you as big and vascular as possible; both inside and outside of the gym.

Now that we know what MA-PUMP is, let’s look at how it works. Unlike the majority of pump-based pre-workout products currently available, MA-PUMP is much more than just your typical nitric oxide booster. While nitric oxide is certainly an important component of any pump product, maximizing the pump requiresthe favorable manipulation of more than just a single pathway. If you haven’t already guessed, MA-PUMPwas designed to do just that. By utilizing a holistic approach, MA-PUMP picks up where other products leave off, allowing the user toexperience a degree of muscular volumization that isn’t possible with more simplistic formulas.

Factors Influencing the Pump

The level of pump& muscle volumizationwe achieve is determined by four primary factors. These are blood vesseldilation/constriction,blood plasma levels,intracellularwater levels, and glycogen levels.If even one of these factors is mismanaged, overall results will be compromised.

Most of you are familiar with glycogen and its ability to influence the pump/muscle size, but for those of you who aren’t, let’s address it briefly. In short, glycogen is a form of stored carbohydrate found in tissues such as the muscles, liver, etc. Being that glycogen makes up a substantial portion of our overall muscle size, inadequate amounts of this intramuscular energy source will cause the muscles to appear flat (e.g. small), lack their characteristic pop when flexing, and prevent us from achieving an impressive muscle pump due to being in a severely de-volumized state.Therefore, maximizing glycogen concentrations is an essential component of any programdesigned to optimizemuscle pumps and overall size both in and out of the gym.

Of the four factors mentioned above, this is the only one that MA-PUMP does not address, as it would require us to include large amounts of carbohydrates within our formula. However, any deficiency in this area is easily rectified by adhering to a bodybuilding diet high in complex carbohydrates.With that said, let’s move onto the first of MA-PUMP’s four primary pathways to massive muscle size and pumps—the nitric oxide pathway.

The Nitric Oxide Pathway—the Key to Achieving an Advanced Hyperemic State

Here in the year 2017, it is likely that most of you are at least somewhat familiar with the term nitric oxide. This signaling chemical is responsible for initiating a wide range of physiological processes throughout the body, the most relevant of which is the dilation of blood vessels.This plays a critical role in our ability to achieve a pump, as the muscles can only receive as much blood as the vascular system will permit. Since we cannot simply build additional blood vessels at will, the only way to enhance blood flow is through the expansion of currently existing vessels…and that’s exactly what the nitric oxide molecule does. As nitric oxide levels rise, our blood vessels expand, allowinggreater amounts of blood (and the nutrients within it) to be delivered to muscle tissue. Obviously, this allows us to achievea significantly greater pump than usual, along with an exaggerated degree of vascularity.

Unlike other pump products, MA-PUMP boosts nitric oxide productionthrough three separate pathways, greatly amplifying one’s potential results over products that target only a single pathway. These pathways include theArginineeNOSNitric Oxide Pathway, theNitrate–Nitrite–Nitric Oxide Pathway, and the eNOS Cofactor Preservation Pathway.

Of these, the ArginineeNOSNitric Oxide Pathway is probably the most commonly utilized for performance enhancement andis activated by compounds such as arginine, citrulline, etc. In our quest for maximum vasodilation, we have chosen to include citrulline malate, Nitrosigine, and Capros as our primary N.O. boosters, each of which offers its own unique set of benefits.

Citrulline malate,an endogenous precursor of L-arginine (a substrate for NO synthase) and potent elevator of nitric oxide, is the most well known of the bunch. With a long history of success both clinically and anecdotally, it has largely replaced arginine as the N.O booster of choice. But if elevations in blood arginine levels is what we’re after, why not just use straight arginine rather than a precursor? The answer lies within its metabolism.

Unlike arginine, which is broken down in the liver by the enzyme arginasebefore it can reach the bloodstream, citrulline is not subject to this same degradative effect. Rather, it bypasses the liver entirely, delivering its full load of N.O. boosting substrate into circulation, where it can then be used to increase blood arginine levels. Research shows that citrulline increases plasma arginine concentrationsover twice as high as an equivalent dose of pure arginine. In addition to its powerful N.O elevating effect, citrulline malate has also been shownto increase muscle strength, reduce D.O.M.S (delayed onset muscle soreness) and postpone fatigue by lowering blood lactate levels.

You may have noticed some companies excluding citrulline malate in favor of l-citrulline; a mistake in our opinion, as the malateportion of citrulline malate is likely responsible for mediating several of the beneficial effects witnessed in clinical trials, such as improved muscular endurance and strength. As a Krebs Cycle intermediate, malic acid assists in the intracellular process of energy production by increasing the rate at which muscle ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) is replenished. For this reason, we have chosen to use a large 8-gram dose of citrulline malate—sufficient for generating both a profound N.O. response, as well as supplying the other performance enchantment benefits listed above.

For years, supplement companies have attempted to create a stable form of arginine capable of making its way into the bloodstream intact. After L-arginine (which failed miserably), we witnessed the arrival of AAKG (arginine alpha ketoglutarate) and then AHCL (arginine hydrochloride). While these versions of arginine were slightly more effective than regular arginine at increasing blood arginine levels, they performed poorly overall.

This all changed with the arrival of Nitrosigine; a new, patented complex of bonded arginine and silicon.  With 19 clinical trials demonstrating either efficacy and/or safety, Nitrosigine is just now starting to catch on in the bodybuilding/fitness community. As the ONLY form of arginine clinically proven to dramatically raise nitric oxide levels, it has been shown to increase blood flow to working muscle 5X more than arginine HCL. It also works quickly, producing results in as little as 15 minutes and lasting for up to 6 hours. When compared to citrulline malate, L-citrulline, agmatine sulfate, and various forms of arginine on a mg to mg basis, Nitrosigine has been shown to increase nitric oxide levels more than all of them. Impressive, to say the least.

The last compound in MA-PUMP to target the ArginineeNOSNitric Oxide Pathway is Capros. Scientifically referred to as Phyllanthus emblica, Capros is a multi-patented, standardized extract of the Indian Gooseberry (also known as the Amla fruit).In addition to acting as an elevator of nitric oxide, Capros differentiates itself from other N.O. boosting agents by providing numerous health benefits directly applicable to the needs of the bodybuilder/fitness enthusiast.

Acting as a powerful anti-oxidant, anti-aging, and cardiovascular health aide, it has been clinically proven to decrease triglyceride and LDL levels, increase HDL levels, lower blood glucose, improveplatelet function, reduceblood pressure, and even decrease C-reactive protein levels (a marker of systemic inflammation) by 44.56%. When combined with citrulline malate and Nitrosigine, the ArginineeNOSNitric Oxide Pathway is hammered from multiple angles, providing a muscle engorging pump far superior to the low-dose, single compound products flooding the market today.

But MA-PUMP doesn’t stop there, as we have also included what many believe to be the most powerful pump enhancing compound available today—sodium nitrate. Nitrates are a group of naturally occurring compounds found in fruits and vegetables that ultimately convert to nitric oxide in the body, but they do so through a completely separate pathway (the Nitrate–Nitrite–Nitric Oxide Pathway) than the previously mentioned compounds. However, each pathway has a limit in regard tothe amount of nitric oxide it can ptoduce, beyond which a further increase in dosage provides minimal extra benefit.

For this reason it is important to stimulate nitric oxide production through as many pathways as possible, thereby amplifying the body’s N.O response to a greater degree than is possiblewith single pathway products. Sodium nitrate is the most highly concentrated source of nitrates on the market, containing 73% nitrates by weight. Furthermore, MA-PUMP contains a massive 1,500 mg serving of sodium nitrate, yielding 1,095 mg of pure nitrate—the highest on the market. To give you an idea of how large this dosage really is, let’s compare it to another commonly used nitrate containing ingredient on the market—beet root extract.

Most of you have probably heard of beetroot extract at this point, as the popularity of products such as Pre-Jym have done a lot to bring it to the attention of the supplement community. As one of the most densely concentrated sources of natural nitrates, beetroot contains roughly 1-1.5% nitrates by weight. This means that in order to get the same dose of nitrates found in a 1,500 mg serving of sodium nitrate (1,095 mg of total nitrates), you would need to consume roughly 73-110 grams of beet root, which is the equivalent of 146-220 capsules at today’s average market dose. Obviously, this is totally impractical. In other words, if you are taking beetroot for the purpose of nitric oxide elevation you are wasting your money, as the standard 1-2 capsule dose isn’t going to do jack-squat for increasing your N.O. levels.

A 1,500 mg dose of sodium nitrate is so potent (particularly when combined with the other N.O boosting compounds within MA-PUMP)that we had to place a warning on the side of the bottle, alerting customers to the fact that MA-PUMP can potentially lower one’s blood pressure into a below normal range. For this reason, MA-PUMP should never be combined with other nitric oxide elevating supplements or drugs, such as PED-5 inhibitors, nitroglycerin, etc.

The third and final nitric oxide pathway targeted by MA-PUMP is what I have dubbed the eNOS Cofactor Preservation Pathway. The primary mover here is none other than good ole’ Vitamin C. If you are like me, right now you’re probably thinking something like “Vitamin C? Really? Who do you think you’re trying to fool here?” I sympathize with your sentiment, as that is the first reaction I had before reading the available research, but the clinical studies are very clear regarding its role in the production of nitric oxide, or more specifically, its preservation.

When Vitamin C is co-administered with other N.O boosting compounds it further enhances their N.O. boosting effects. It does this through a variety of molecular mechanisms,such as providing the necessary building blocks for N.O production and by preventing the breakdown of currently existing nitric oxide. This is accomplished bystabilizing and increasing the synthesis of BH4 (Tetrahydrobiopterin); a critical co-factor in nitric oxide production. It also enhances NO bioavailability by quenching O2, thus limiting the inactivation of NO that occurs when O2 and NO combine to produce OONO.

When measuredagainst the competition, it is easy to see that MA-PUMP’s N.O. boosting formula has no equal. From the compounds employed, to the large dosagesutilized, nothing else even comes close.

Hyperhydration—an Underutilized Pathway for Profound Muscle Volumization

As important as blood vessel dilation is for pump enhancement, its effectiveness is largely dependent on the amount of blood available for transport. After all, the more blood we have in our body, the more we are able to deliver to our muscles. Therefore, simply having expanded blood vesselsalone isn’t enough. We also need to be able to fill those expanded vessels with above-average quantities of blood. Only then will we be able totake full advantage ofthis class of supplementation.

In this sense,N.O. boosterslay the groundwork for a maximum pump by allowing other classes of pump producing compounds, such as plasma expanders, to work more effectively.Most of you are familiar with the word plasma; a medical term pertaining to the fluid portion of our blood which acts as a carrier for blood cells, nutrients, hormones, and many other substances. The primary purpose of plasma is to transport these substances to various tissues throughout the body, but plasma also has another role—one that is particularly relevant to bodybuilders.

As the liquid portion of our blood, plasma is comprised of 92% water and normally makes up about 55% of our total blood volume.However, the amount of plasma found in the bloodstream is highly variable andaffected to a large degree byour level of hydration. Under normal circumstances (when we are in an adequately hydrated state), plasma levels are usually maintained at around 55%, but during a state of dehydration plasmalevels plummet, leading to increased blood viscosity and an overall reduction in blood volume.This directly and adversely affects our ability to achieve a pump because there is less blood available to be shuttled to muscle tissue during exercise or rest.

On the other hand, if we attempt to over-hydrate through excessive water consumptionthe body will simplyabsorb what is needed and excrete anyextrafluidin the urine, thereby thwarting our attempt tomanipulatethe body’s natural water balance. Fortunately, modern supplementation, in the form of plasma expanders,enables us toachieve a state of hyper-hydration resulting in increased blood volume and subsequent pump enhancement. However, in order to take full advantage of this plasma expanding effect the individual must already be in anoptimally hydrated state…and then consume additional water in tandem with these agents to achieve supraphysiological plasma concentrations.Being that most of you belong to the bodybuilding/fitness community, dehydration probably isn’t a concern, but if you are someone who does not drink enough water throughout the day I suggest starting now, as it is one of the most important factors influencing the pump.

In an effort to optimize blood maximize plasma concentrationswe have chosen to utilize HydroMax; a patented, highly concentrated form of glycerol that contains up to 12X as much glycerol by weight compared to regular glycerol monostearate.Due to HydroMax’s highly hydroscopic nature, it binds tightly to any water it comes in contact with, acting as a sort of shuttle that pulls additional water into the bloodstream and subsequently, the muscle cell. The end result is a supraphysiological level of hydration that produces an incredible water-based pump; highly beneficial for all weight trainers.

In addition to increasing blood plasma levels, HydroMax also elicits several other positive thermoregulatory and cardiovascularchanges, such as a reduction in core temperature(which minimizes the possibility of overheating) and decreased ratings of perceived exertion. Clinical trialsalso show that glycerol enhances exercise performancevia an increase in endurance time to exhaustion, as well as an increase in power.

Unlike other pump products, many of which contain a paltry 1-2 grams of HydroMax per serving (and sometimes less than that), MA-PUMP contains a whopping 5 gram dose—the highest of any pump product on the market. This is an important point to consider, as the positive effects of HydroMax are dose-dependent. Make no mistake, if you want to experience the true benefits that HydroMax has to offer, you need to use more than 1-2 grams. The miniscule doses included in most products today are not intended to maximize user results, but to boost profits by giving the company a low-cost way of improving their marketing angle through name dropping.

Sodium…What’s the Big Deal?

Although sodium has gotten a bad rap (wrongly so) from the medical communitydue to its ability to induce high blood pressure when consumed to excess, the truth is that sodium is absolutely vital to achieving a great pump. In fact, nothing will kill the pump faster than sodium depletion…and if any of you have ever experimented with cutting sodium before a contest you know just how devastating it can be. Sodium works to enhance the pump by increasing theamount of fluid that is drawn into the extracellular space, which includes both interstitial fluid (water between the cells) and the bloodstream (plasma). By working through a completely separate mechanism than plasma expanders, sodium allows plasma levels (and interstitial fluid) to rise higher than they wouldby supplementing with either one alone, further magnifying results. Of course, MA-PUMP contains a substantial, yet healthy dose of sodium, thereby preventing sodium deficiency from hindering your ability to achieve a pump.

Intracellular Volumization

The finalfactorwe are going to address is intracellular volumization, or hydration. Fortunately, there are several compounds on the market which do a fabulous job of targeting this 4th and final pathway for massive muscle pumps. The first and most obvious candidate is creatine; the traditional standby of weight trainers worldwide. The intracellular hydrating effect of creatine is so pronounced that gains of 4-8 pounds within just 30 days is common. While creatine may not deliver immediate effects in the area of muscle pumps, the regular use of this compound will lead to a dramatic increase in muscle swelling that sticks with you 24/7.

With creatine being such a well known substance in the bodybuilding/fitness community, I don’t feel the need to elaborate on the 100’s of clinical trials proving its efficacy in the areas of performance enhancement (e.g. increased muscle strength and endurance), muscle cell hydration, etc.If you aren’t already aware of creatine’s immense benefits at this point, you have either been living as a hermit oryou are too young to have any previous experience with sports nutrition.

The 2nd intracellular volumizing compound included in MA-PUMP is betaine(also referred to as trimethylglycine). Betaine has experienced a dramatic rise in popularity over the last couple ofyears, due to an impressive body of research demonstrating multiple performance enhancement benefits. In addition to regulating intracellular fluid volume, betaine has also been shown to increase muscle strength, power, and endurance, while significantly increasing muscle mass through a number of mechanisms…in study after study. Other research has even revealed the ability of betaine to cause substantial fat loss.   The bottom line is betaine will not only further amplify the muscle pump, but it will directly support all the goals of a bodybuilder.

The final ingredient in MA-PUMP is taurine. As an amino acid, taurine is involved in a plethora of physiological functions, the most relevant of which is its role in regulating water balance and physical performance. Although the research on its performance enhancing benefits is sketchy, its role in promoting cellular hydration is well documented.

Why Does a Pump Matter?

For years, many thought of the pump as nothing more than a vain pursuit centered around temporary visual gratification. However, mounting research now shows that the pump provides real growth benefits; a huge bonus that was largely written off as bro-science for decades. The mechanism by which this occurs is quite simple to understand if we think of it more as a type of self-preservation mechanism, rather than one stimulated by muscle fiber contraction. You see, when we lift weights the muscle cells begin to fill with blood, placing pressure on the cell walls. If this pressure becomes too great the cells perceive this as a threat to cell wall integrity. In an effort to protect themselves from tearing, the cells send out a signal for protein synthesis to begin, thereby fortifying the cell wall and protecting it from future stress. The end result is muscle growth.

No other product on the market attacks the pump from as many angles or as aggressively as MA-PUMP.Equally important, we specifically formulatedMA-PUMP so that it could be used by anyone, morning or night, without compromising sleep quality or causing an unwanted rise in catabolic hormones (common with stimulant-based products). However, for those of you who like to employstimulants prior to training, MA-PUMP can be combined with any stimulant of your choice. Whether that means using a pre-made product or just drinking a cup of coffee, that is up to you. With that said, we are proud to introduce to you MA-PUMP, yet another best-in-class product for you to enjoy.

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