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Pepto Pro by Raw Dynamix- **Pre-Digested / Medical Grade Protein** Superior to whole food protein

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Product Description


Pepto Pro- Hydrolisized Casein By Raw Dynamix


#1 Protein AVAILABLE anywhere


*This is a competitor type protein, meaning the majority of our users are looking for the most optimal digestion and absorption time.  This product requires far less protein, since it is more effective due to the fact is is more Bio-Available and it digests within minutes.  This is often used by our Pro Athlete customers and clients due to the advantages this has.    


This protein, contrary to "popular opinion" rather then fact, is actually SUPERIOR to whole food proteins because of the bio-availability and faster rate of absorption.  Mind you, we suggest that you have a properly identified diet that includes WHOLE food and protein supplementation for OPTIMAL gains.


In the medical setting,  pre-digested proteins are used with very sick, diseased, ill patients or even in pediatrics to assist infant and child growth.  The medical literature exists for those who question the potential of this type of product.  Both the creator of this product for Prescription Nutrition (phD) and GYMnTONIC Supplements has legitimate Medical Experience and administration of Medications in their respective State including administration of pre-digested medical proteins, such as this.

This product has a bitter taste and regardless of the flavoring, it will always have a bitter taste due to the process that is required to create it. 





 Fruit Punch

Lemon Lime Gatorade

Orange Gatorade


PeptoPro® is the best mixing protein powder known to man. It is composed of 80% peptides under 300 Daltons in size. What does this mean? It means PeptoPro® is far superior to all whey’s and normal food proteins. It is a highly nutritious protein, that eliminates all the hassles and side effects of regular protein powders. Plus, it has the balanced amino acid profile of casein.


PeptoPro® is by far THE best protein to use post workout. There isn’t a protein powder or bodybuilding supplement that is more effective than PeptoPro. However, PeptoPro must be used properly to avoid the bitter taste it has.


How is PeptoPro® Protein Manufactured?


Starting from milk, the milk fat is removed and the casein is separated by acidifying and filtering from the skimmed milk. Casein is dissolved in water, alkalized and then first hydrolyzed with an endoproteasic enzyme. This produces the typical, but extremely bitter casein hydrolysate with which we are currently familiar. In a second unique hydrolysation step, detailed below, a proprietary enzyme (patent pending), specifically hydrolyses the bitter peptides. In this second step, the PeptoPro® casein hydrolysate with its special characteristics is produced.


Benefits of the hydrolyzed casein found in PeptoPro® Protein


*PeptoPro Protein is a hypo-allergenic milk protein product
*PeptoPro Protein is a safe and healthy nutritional ingredient
*PeptoPro Protein is a natural product
*PeptoPro Protein is a unique milk protein (casein) hydrolysate
*PeptoPro Protein is safe and allowed in all countries
*PeptoPro Protein is related to gaining energy
*PeptoPro Protein is a recovery ingredient for fast muscle refueling
*PeptoPro Protein is supported by human trials
*PeptoPro Protein is supported by the Dutch Olympic committee
*PeptoPro Protein is widely taken by Dutch professional athletes
*PeptoPro Protein is officially tested and free of any doping substances
*Reducing Stress
*Increasing Satiety
*Reduce blood sugar levels
*Reducing high blood pressure
*Increasing calcium and zinc uptake
*Aiding sleep and calming
*Increasing immune function
*Increasing uptake of pharmaceutical compounds
*Increasing recovery from exercise and disease
*Stimulating protein synthesis and muscle growth


This is the future of protein supplementation. You may not like the taste, its not gourmet, but its the real deal and definitely the future. Muscle growth is ALL about staying in a positive nitrogen state. All the research is in. You don’t grow your muscles during training. You tear them down. You grow all day long and especially post workout. You need to be anabolic immediatley after training and this is the fastest way to get there. This protein is for people looking to get the most advanced protein on the planet. Hell, they’ve actually patented the process to create this protein. This protein is truly cutting edge. Anyone looking to pack on muscle or recover and has everything else figured out in the equation needs to add this. Its the next and only step.


Why is PeptoPro® not available at your local store? Because supplement companies would have to charge you $50 per pound. They also would not know how to matter it taste perfect for every consumer. We have 2 flavors available and believe they are very tolerable if you’ve tasted some of the bitter hydrolyzed whey proteins out there. On top of that, you can add this to any popular sports drink if needed. No shaker cup needed, it mixes with a spoon. The protein literally disappears when adding it to water.  It is now the #1 protein for pre, during and post workout, it dwarfs everything else by far. Get PeptoPro® now, and experience what this super hydrolyzed protein can do for your muscle goals.


Nutritional Facts


PeptoPro Nutritional Facts


Directions for Use


Use 2-4 teaspoonfuls (tsp) post workout mixed with 8-36 oz of water, juice, or your favorite sports drink. Our flavors are simply the best on the market in regards to PeptoPro. Nothing else comes close.


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